GIS Mapping

GIS Mapping provides visual mappings of the hotspot location across the world's map using Google Maps API.
In the Management page you are able to add new hotspot entries to the database where there is also a field called Geolocation, this is the numeric value that the Google Maps API uses in order to pin-point the exact location of that hotspot on the map.

2 Modes of Operation are provided: One is the View MAP mode which enables 'surfing' through the world map and view the current locations of the hotspots in the database and another one - Edit MAP - which is the mode that one can use in order to create hotspot's visually by simply left-clicking on the map or removing existing hotspot entries by left-clicking on existing hotspot flags.

Another important issue is that each computer on the network requires a unique Registration code which you can obtain from Google Maps API page by providing the complete web address to the hosted directory of daloRADIUS application on your server. Once you have obtained that code from Google, simply paste it in the Registration box and click the 'Register code' button to write it.
Then you may be able to use Google Maps services.